Braidwood Aikido Dojo

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Welcome to Braidwood Aikido Dojo!

Braidwood's own martial arts dojo. 

Come and join us

  • Learn strategy and technique to survive difficult situations
  • Have fun and begin your aikido training early - we have classes for children
  • You are new to aikido but always wanted to try? 
  • We have classes for adult beginners
  • Low impact Aikido?
  • Traditional Aikido training?
  • Customised courses?
We do not limit our training to a single scenario or skill levels, so your training will not fail you when you need it most.
We invite you to read about our classes, come and watch our training and ask any questions.

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Aikido for Children

Join the after-school classes and have fun - practice, stances, movement, body positions, grips, light contact and rolling 


Adult Beginner

Watch at least one class, at an introductory level, do a beginner’s class, experience some of our techniques.


Aikido Training

Come an join us at your level - Low Impact Aikido, Traditional Aikido, customised courses and more


Training notes

FAQs - Why train? Why watch a class? What are the rules? Training vs fight?