Braidwood Aikido Dojo

Best combination ever: after school & nutritious meal & Aikido training

It is where we share a simple, nutritious meal. The dojo is prepared for training and we begin. Training is from 4:15 to 5:15pm.

The children’s classes are held during school term. Seminar days/programs may be held during the school holidays.

Aikido is very precise, but with the children we keep it loose and playful.

Not many children are ready for training before age 7. If you wish to train your child before this age, it is best if the parent trains and then does a short lesson every day or so at home. Once a child can line up and follow instructions they can begin training. When a young person is capable and tall enough they will be invited to join the adult class.

Learning to roll, is a good skill to protect children from horse/bike/skateboarding accidents. (This is not a theory)

We encourage parents to be involved. See what your child is learning and use the principles of Aikido to have a better family life.


Adult Beginners Program

Everyone starts somewhere! Come and watch a class to get an idea of what we do.

You may decide to come and do a beginner’s class, just to experience some of our techniques. How we train is an excellent metaphor for constructive relationships. Something everyone should see.

After watching at least one class, a student will be invited to attend a small introductory class - might be one on one or with a couple of other interested people.

The pace of the class at this level is focusing on teaching you “how we train”, as well as an understanding of why we do things.

Our training is done carefully and precisely so to minimise any risk of injury - we have an excellent safety record.


Duration is of the course is four hours. Held in 2 x two hour classes.

Low Impact Aikido

Being thrown and rolling to safety is a part of Aikido practice that it could be a deal breaker, when it comes to Aikido.

To allow people to experience the stretching, breathing, structure and strategy of Aikido, we offer classes that we call Low Impact Aikido.

In these classes there is no expectation to take falls. The application of stretches is done gently.

These classes are planned for early afternoon to suit school pick up or for people doing shift work or retired from work.

The Founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba, and his longest serving student, Morihiro Saito created Aikido at the Iwama Dojo.

We follow this curriculum, under the technical supervision of Ulf Evanas Shihan.

We train slowly and precisely to learn what is happening. When the movement is correct, speeding it up makes it very powerful.

Our training incorporates the principles of Japanese fencing.

The Katana is well regarded for its design and manufacture and the use of the sword is equally sophisticated.

Our empty hand techniques and strategy are derived from the ken (sword).

We also have jo (staff) curriculum and tanto (knife).

The training model is “multiple armed attack”. This is different to most training where the techniques are limited to only striking or only gripping or to one attacker at a time.

Based on your needs, a training program can be delivered to assist people to perform their role.

The programs are based on Matthew’s experience in business and application of Aikido principles. The training can assist people with sales, customer service, manual handling and teamwork.

There are programs for dealing with the unpleasant, for example women’s safety, and also training to enjoy the best of healthy parent/child and adult relationships.

We show practical strategies that work, even when the going gets tough.

Please contact Matthew to discuss your needs.