Braidwood Aikido Dojo

Term date

21 May to 26 June

Location: Braidwood Community Arts centre, 45 Wallace Street (see map)

Monday Night classes

  • Children's Classes - 4.15 to 5.15pm - Afternoon tea, cleaning and warming up from 3.45pm
  • Applied Techniques - 5.30 - 6.30pm
  • Aikido Weapon (ken, jo, tanto) - 7-8pm

Wednesday Night classes

  • Children's Class 4.15 to 5.15pm - Afternoon tea, cleaning and warming up from 3.45pm.
  • Low Impact Class 5.30 - 6.30pm
  • Traditional Aikido Class 6.30 - 7.30pm


  • Children's 6 week Class - $100/ term or $50/term for one day per week
  • Applied Techniques Class - 6 week term $80
  • Low Impact Class - week term $80

Course Descriptions

Children's Classes

Run for a six week term in the middle of the school term and is now two days a week. The idea is after school, the students can come to the dojo and have a light snack, then wipe the mats down and wash up the bowls before training for one hour. There is a class held after so the children will be safe in the dojo until they are picked up. In this class we practice, stances, movement, body positions, grips, light contact and rolling. Parents are encouraged to watch and even participate in the training. The course is best appreciated by 8 years and up and can be a beginners introduction for students of up to 14 years old.

Applied Techniques Classes

The classes are distillation of the essence of Aikido. This is the first time the class has been offered and is a six week term that matches the Children's Class term. It is a good way for someone to get an insight into how Aikido is applied in conflicts and relationships, including when life is being threatened. This course does contain "adult themes" and is best suited for students who are taking responsibility for their life. Students are encouraged to present scenarios they are thinking about for workshopping in the course. This will be held as a six week course but may be offered on a continual basis.

Low Impact Course

The course is designed for people who would like to experience the wisdom and beauty of Aikido but the gripping, strikes and throwing techniques are "deal breakers". In this class you will have light pressure training and rolling to safety is not a requirement. The course content is the same as regular training without the full power experience. The training exercises will improve your strength, posture, breathing and flexibility. The principles we work to are physically real and so can be applied to your work and relationships. This will be held as a six week course but may be offered on a continual basis.

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