Braidwood Aikido Dojo

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Welcome to Braidwood Aikido Dojo!

Braidwood's own martial arts dojo. 

Aikido training is life training.

To try and describe Aikido in a page is impossible. It either sounds unfeasibly fantastic or at the other extreme cryptically simple.

Maybe comparing it to learning a language would help. But then that's not all. Its learning a culture.

I hope this website helps you with your journey. There is a wide range of material here.

  • Some of it deals with day to day practicalities,
  • there is some personal viewpoints,
  • some videos of the teaching and technique,
  • pictures and even some essays about specific scenarios.

Browse through the website and, of course, you are always welcome to visit the dojo to get a better feeling of what we do.

Aikido for Children

Join the after-school classes and have fun - practice, stances, movement, body positions, grips, light contact and rolling 


Adult Beginner

Watch at least one class, at an introductory level, do a beginner’s class, experience some of our techniques.


Aikido Training

Come an join us at your level - Low Impact Aikido, Traditional Aikido, customised courses and more


Training notes

FAQs - Why train? Why watch a class? What are the rules? Training vs fight?