Braidwood Aikido Dojo

About Matthew Hulse

Matthew HulseMatthew Hulse Sensei, is the instructor of the Braidwood Aikido Dojo.

He began Aikido training in 1996, at the Sheldon Forest Dojo. The Braidwood Dojo opened in 2004.

Matthew Holds holds San-dan black belt rank from Aikikai Headquarters Japan, awarded by Ulf Evanas Shihan and a coaching certificate from the Australian Ju-jitsu Federation. He is a member of ATARi.

How did I find Aikido

I saw a few breakdowns in the world from a young age and was jolted into action after a particularly serious incident. I sought the answers from books. Then it was trial and error.

I found the book “Art of War”… Better get that.

Right next to it was a book “Art of Peace”. I saw them as a natural pairing.

The full range of human experience. I liked the introduction of “The Art of Peace” and typed it up and had it on display. This led to an introduction to Sheldon Forest Aikido Dojo.

The training was the physical truth of all my reading and experience. I was not a natural student, but I had to know. I kept training. It would not be possible to imagine my life without Aikido. It has been the instruction book for how to use my body. The principles of Aikido are the foundation of my family and business life.

For me Aikido training was not a choice. I had to know.